ย  Please pray for me and the staff at Skatechurch and the very real battle that we each face week after week reaching one of the toughest areas of our city with the Gospel of Jesus.
ย  A good ear marker that a Christ follower is doing the Lord’s will is the very real personal battle and conflict that comes from seeking the Lord to discern direction for creating a teaching or praying about a specific person/situation/area that God has placed on your heart to reach and pour into.
Faith in the Word of God + Action = Battle
ย  The point is: ย Please keep praying and rejoicing with us as we are seeing the Kingdom of God advancing over the kingdom of darkness. It is rad to see kids set free from all kinds of sin as we preach Jesus Christ and His finished work on the cross every week.
Thank you friends ๐Ÿ™‚
ย  ย Tim B.

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