Life Through The Kingdom Lens

I read an email from an old friend and brother in Christ this morning who is in the midst of a battle with cancer. This email inspired and encouraged my faith! Here is an excerpt from this amazing man of God. Please pray for and with my friend.ย 

“As I see many others around me being diagnosed and passing away with the same type of cancer, at virtually the same level of progression with the disease when diagnosed, my daily mission of question is, “Father, what would you have me do today.” I know that my primary purpose as a Christian is to rest in his care, cast all my burdens upon him, depending on Him completely, love one another, and experience an ever deepening gratitude for the awesome favor I have in Him as a beloved son of the King. This continual ever deepening dependence upon him is the proper place for me. There is no “rush” to do, accomplish, or get things done, unless it is generated by His Spirit. All other energy expended is aimless and unprofitable. It is already finished. I mostly walk in continual joy, smiling at his awesome favor”

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