Trust God!

To my faithful friends that are Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus.

“You will never fully understand what you are doing.
But God does!”
As many of you already know, a few weeks back I parted ways with my management company after 10yrs. of ministry. Partnering with them has helped me to skate and speak in front of 100’s of thousands of people from all walks of life. It is hard to leave friends and pull up deep roots.
Over the past few years I have felt that God was calling me into an even deeper level of faith and trust in Him. Even in my lack of faith and understanding, God is faithful and gives peace that surpasses our own understanding.
Since I have stepped away from my management company I have been experiencing moves of God like never before in my 14yrs. of ministry. Almost daily I am meeting and hearing from new Churches and other brand and tour managers that are contacting me through my simple little site. I am being asked to partner on all kinds of levels of outreach and  in-reach 😉  And even though I haven’t even sent out a support news letter or  really made effort to create awareness . The Lord is providing financially for us like crazy! It is an amazing season that we are entering into. I am also excited to start my new job at Skate Church here in Portland as one of the Pastors in the next few weeks.
The point is;
We can trust God, and the gifts that He gives us will truly make room.
Keep praying for us, we need an army of people to commit to praying and supporting us.

Thank you for your prayers!
Tim B.

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