The Unfinished Life

This is a pic of the unfinished apartment located above the garage of our home in Portland. Me an my friend John, filmed some freestyle skateboarding in this place for the D2L Ministries website the other day.
This pic reminds me that there is plenty of unfinished work in the many rooms/seasons that make up our lives as children of God.
Often times we have to repent and allow God to remove all the old walls and insulators and what’s familiar, so that the Holy Spirit is allowed to invade and rearrange the rooms that make up our lives. This type of remodel will always re-align us with the will of God and His greater purpose for us. Sometimes this will be just some minor house cleaning and other times it is a complete renovation. We can dress up our lives on the outside, but God knows our hearts and our true intentions. That is why we have to always take inventory on what we are allowing to clutter our thought lives.
New video coming soon.
God bless
Tim B.

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