This past week was a battle at every turn, but I kept my armor on and preceded to usher in the Kingdom of God in the name of  Jesus. I started out in KY. Which was an awesome outreach with great leaders and a game plan. We had around 400 at the event that night. I’d say close to 60 people responded to receive Jesus 🙂 After KY. I was suppose to fly home to Portland for a few days, but instead I got stuck in the Washington D.C. area due to weather. This actually worked out well, because we have family/ministry supporters there who came and picked me up. They housed me for a few days too, which was a huge blessing. My next outreach was in Charlotte and the day before my flight I started to get my fever back:( It was miserable to say the least. I pressed on after much prayer. I’ve traveled and skated sick before, but never to this degree. To make a long story short, I felt God give me the strength needed to skate, as well as clarity in speech. I was feverish and dizzy but once again God showed up and a whole bunch of folks gave their lives to Jesus! That is what matters most. In our weakness, God is stronger through us. Well I made it home and I am still feeling a bit under the weather. Please continue to pray for us.
Thank you friends.The Pic is from the Charlotte event. It is me doing tricks blindfolded.
I think that the picture being out of focus is appropriate for how I was feeling that day 😉
God is good.

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