“As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.” Proverbs 27:17

Here is a pic of some of my closest friends and personal heros of the Gospel.

From left to right:
Alpha Hayward – this is a Pastor on mission in one of the toughest areas in our city. Much love and respect for this dear brother as his church continues to shine the light of Jesus.
Next we have BMX legend, Vic Murphy. This guy travels the world and preaches the Gospel to 100’s of thousands of people. He and his wife run a ministry called ASO or Action Sports Outreach. He also invented “step off tailwhips” and the “tapletop” on a BMX bike sometime in the 80’s 😉

Next is one of my heros and pioneers in skate ministry.
If you have ever heard about or  seen a “skatechurch” in your town or city. Chances are they got their model of ministry from Paul Anderson. While being a sponsored skater in the mid 80’s and attending bible college in Portland, OR, this guy had a vision for building and setting up ramps in a parking lot and teaching the bible to fellow skaters. In 1987 the first skatechurch was est. right here in Portland, OR. The same model that these young guys created then, is being used all over the globe today.

Please pray for these guys as they continue to preach the Gospel and engage our culture.

God bless.
Tim B.

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