I was in Montrose, CO this past weekend for the NightVision festival. The festival was both good and not the best, but I believe God used this community’s effort for His Glory, because God is good!

The line up consisted of all the biggest name artists and speakers in the Christian scene. The part that was crazy to me was that hardly any people showed up. When I went on the first day, there were 6 people including 2 friends and the sound guy in the “crowd”. The second day it was approximately 25 people including my 2 friends and the sound guy 😉

The cool thing that encouraged me was everyone on that stage gave it their all through performing and sharing God’s word as if there were 1000’s of people in attendance. After the smoked cleared and I got clarity on these past few days I was once again reminded that if one person gave their life to Jesus, then all the money and time that went into this event was well worth it! Pray for our friends at NightVision Festival as the reach the community.

Thanks friends!
God bless
Tim B.

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