Recently I have had a few inquiries about one of our home based ministries here in Portland. I hope this synopsis helps and gives you a little more insight as to what I do. Pray how you could possibly start something like this in your community.

“Jesus Pizza”
This is a high school focused outreach that is completely student led. We purchase 20 pizzas (supported by our church) and take them to the High School that is less than a mile from our home. We meet in a classroom where
1 of 7 student leaders shares a verse out of the Bible and how it relates to them and others, also followed by the invite to receive Christ. The classroom is usually packed with students!

These meetings take place once a week on Thursdays after school for 1 hour. Jesus Pizza is seen by the school as a “student club”. I think it is so awesome that these kids can share their faith on campus and have the platform and support to do so.

Where Liz & I come in and put our main focus is our early 6am breakfast on Thursdays at our house for the Jesus Pizza student leaders only.

This is where we listen to whoever is speaking that afternoon and give our feedback. We also kick around other ideas for outreach. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have serious student leaders with vision and focus. Our (Liz & me) goal is to disciple these young leaders and equip them to be even more effective for the Kingdom as they breathe and live life.

Please pray for these amazing leaders as they continue to follow after Jesus and impact their surroundings.

Thank you & God bless,
Tim B.

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