I was booked this past week @ a festival in Spokane WA. and at another festival in Iowa. Liz and I had a blast serving together in WA. This was a student lead event and the kids did an amazing job inviting people and shining the love of Jesus. It was a crazy event with a lot of homeless showing up enjoying the music and the food. I shared the Gospel one night and as soon as people raised their hands to receive Jesus the kids were right there to pray with them. It was so cool to see that. I was then off to Rise fest to be a main speaker along with my good friend Rob Roozeboom. A lot of the top Christian music artist were there along with close to 4,000 people in this small town in Iowa. Here is a pick of me with my good friend Manafest and a couple of my bro’s from Hawk Nelson. God is so good and it was such a good week to serve in these outreaches with family & friends.

All for Jesus
Tim B.

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