entering public schools with boldness

Last weekend was exciting but a crazy schedule to say the least. I flew out in the early morning on Saturday and arrived in San Antonio around 4pm then I had a 2hr. drive to a small town where I was immediately welcomed and placed on stage to share the Gospel and flip my skateboard around, talk about being tired and trusting the Lord for strength. The next morning I got on a plane and flew to Columbus, OH. I was booked to be the main speaker @ a graduation celebration (which is way out of my comfort zone). This was by far one of the most memorable events of the year for me. It was so cool to see churches of different denominations working and praying along side each other to serve this small community. I shared the Gospel in a public school with boldness in front of students and parents and then when I invited people to raise their hands to receive Jesus a few responded publicly. It was absolutely incredible and the students were stoked, they even gave me a standing ovation, Glory to God! A huge Thanks to Pastor Tim for being such an awesome man of God and for all those who supported my trip to Ohio in Prayer, God bless you and thanks for everything.
All for Jesus
Tim B.

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