Webster Groves

I was invited to speak and skate in Webster Groves, MO on Wednesday night this week. I was stoked to see some really amazing skaters show up for skate night at the church. I love that these pastors are trying to reach out and connect with these kids as much as possible. I emceed a huge game of S.K.A.T.E. and then did my demo. I shared my testimony and gave a message on the love of God. The response was awesome! Most of the venues I’m at, usually about 10% of the audiences are actual skaters.
I thank God for freestyle flatland, because it is without a doubt the most appealing & easy-to-grasp style of skateboarding for any onlooker who doesn’t have a clue on difficulty of tricks.

Well, I’m flying home this morning for a few days then I’m out again next week for Oklahoma joining up with the Freestyle Tour.
God bless,
Tim B.
This pic was funny because they put skate stoppers on the best obsticle to skate (the church building). The kids can skate the ramps in the parking lot, but they can’t skate the building. What is up with that? jk


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