New Jersey

I flew into Philly for an outreach in New Jersey on Thursday night. When the plane landed, I heard a few people say how thankful they were to be home in time to beat the storm. I got off the plane and met the host for the event and noticed that he was nervous about the inbound weather too. The storm was called a Noreastern, or as President Obama called it, “snowmageddon”.

Apart from the storm, I had to get focused on what God would have me to say to His people on Friday night. I must say it was hard to focus with heavy snow beginning to come down and knowing I would be stuck due to the storm. The cool thing was we had around a 100 people show up and I shared the good news of Jesus and skated to the best of my ability. When it came time for people to respond to receive Jesus, many hands went up. This night was amazing and I had one of the best hosts to take care of all my needs. To say the least I was blessed to stay @ the Airport Marriott for a couple nights with plenty of food and a nice bed.

So many people were left sleeping @ the airport or wherever they could find a room. Travelers including myself faced many cancelled flights and horrible road conditions. Thousands of people were without power as well and store shelves were empty. The blizzard dropped 28 inches of snow, making it the 2nd worst storm on record since 1928. I’m glad I could be there for the record snowfall. I’m home now and thankful for the rain instead of that beautiful white mess. Kids came to Jesus and the whole trip was a huge success glory to God.

All for Jesus!
Tim B.


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