Last 2 weeks – Brock Gill and High Flight Society

These last 2 weeks have been tough, With my wife being sick and all the trials that go with everyday life, we have been walking by faith and standing firm knowing that our God is real and really cares about us. I was with Brock Gill last week in Jackson, MS. We went to a few schools and invited kids to come see our main show that night and hear about Jesus. We saw about about 50 kids get up and make a decision to receive Christ.

I then flew over to Beaumont, TX. where I did an outreach alongside my friends from the band, High Flight Society. I was able to have some talks with a few local skaters and share the love of Jesus with them. The demos in terms of skating were great and the crowds were really stoked. I shared my heart and gave the call to surrender to God and saw about 20 kids get up and say that they needed to receive Jesus.

My friends: Continue to fight the good fight of faith in compassion and love for this lost and fallen world. People only need a glimpse of light to shine through in their darkest hour. Be that light for those around you today. “The light of Christ” All for Jesus!

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