Powerful Night Of Ministry.


Powerful night of ministry as we grieved the loss of our friend Michael Davis.
This past Thursday at Skatechurch was powerful. We felt that the Lord was leading us as a staff to make space for the skate community, friends and family that are grieving the death of skateboarder Michael Davis. Michael was a famous skateboarder that grew up going to Skatechurch. He died of a heroin overdose on May 5th.
The parking lot was packed and we didn’t even have enough chairs for everyone to sit down.
We opened in prayer and then gave an opportunity for people to share their thoughts and memories about Michael. A couple of guys confessed about heavy drug use and about wanting to get checked into a rehab facility.
Mike’s mom Lara gave a good word and warning to these guys about the glory of skateboarding and the pitfalls of drug use.
She also talked about Mike being a loving father to his little girl Charlotte.
It was a hard night. My friend Greg and I prayed for Michael’s mom and dad afterwards.
Please keep praying for this family and for our ministry.

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  1. Andre Fancher

    I miss Michael Davis everyday. RIP dude

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