My Signature Pro Models from 2001-Now

I remember when I was kid and having my dreams of being a Pro Skateboarder. I thought of how rad it would be to have sponsors hooking me up with product, money and being able to travel the world for free. The biggest dream for me was hoping that one day I would have my own signature Pro Model Skateboard. The moment I stepped on a board something flicked on inside me, and to this day, 14yrs. later I still get stoked out when I skate. The cool part is that I gave my life to Jesus, within the same year that I turned Pro. God has had an amazing plan for my life ever since and has answered prayers in ways that I could have never imagined apart from Him. Give God your life today and see what exciting adventures and opportunities open up.

For His glory and eternal purpose.

Shalom 🙂





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