After many yrs. of full time itinerant ministry (which I will still do). I am writing my first official missionary support letter so I can focus 100% to Pastor, disciple and share the Gospel with local skaters here in Portland. I will be on staff as the High School Pastor at Skate Church. I will be coming under their Non Profit ministry to build a team of supporters. Please pray for the will of God and not mine. I need wisdom as a leader more than ever. I am honored and blessed to have a friend like Paul Anderson that believes in me as a Pastor and Evangelist to this city.ย I am willing to do whatever it takes to cultivate and water the field that is in front of me. Praying and trusting God for the Harvest.

“The trials of a true minister are not few… Let no man who looks for ease of mind and seeks the quietude of life enter the ministry; if he does so he will flee from it in disgust.” ย C.H. Spurgeon 1856

Thank you for your prayers.

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