Update Time

Coming in January 2011, my latest skate edit will be released as a personal 6 min. promo piece and as my section in the new Untitled Skateboards film. The skating will be my very best and what I believe to be a new innovative injection for freestyle flatland skateboarding. It will also provide context to what I do on stages all across the U.S.

I’m smiling as I write this thinking “I’m about to release the best skating of my career” and at the same time I’m starting a homeless teen ministry with my wife in our city. Our life is about to get crazy but I’m stoked on all that God is doing in and through us. In other news a new signature Pro model should be available soon go to www.untitledskate.com for more info.

All for Jesus
Tim B.


  1. Andrew Powell

    Amen brother… totally stoked by all that God is doing in you and through you. I am super excited for your new vid, but way more excited for your upcoming compassion project. I know God is going to blow things up through you and your wife and truly be ambassadors of our Savior…



  2. Mikale

    Dude, that’s FANtastic. I love watching Who We Are over and over and can’t wait for the next DVD to come out. And a Pro model? Sweet! Too bad it didn’t get here a couple weeks ago… my Mom ordered the striped deck for me for Christmas! God bless.

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