New Song Music Festival

I went to the bluegrass state (Kentucky) this past weekend. I didn’t have a clue as to what I was really going to be a part of, except I knew it was a festival (that can actually mean a # of things).

I roll up to a huge amount of campers and thousands of people realizing that one of my wife and I’s favorite bands are headlining that night Skillet (they ripped it up!). To make a long story real short I got to see so many friends from Hawk Nelson, Philmont, Group 1 Crew, Addison Road and even a friend who now plays the violin for Skillet (how rad is that?). Pastor Mike Breaux who brought me into Willow Creek a few years back with Stephen Baldwin was there also. I did 2 seminars- one was 45 min., the other was longer (whoops). I almost passed out from the heat (literally).

I was just stoked to share Jesus and see people give their lives to Him. Above is main stage photo shot before Thousand Foot Krutch went on.

All for Jesus

Tim B.

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  1. Patrick

    man u r awsome. i love what u do for god. and i was at newsong both sessions watching you skate and teach how god used u in his quest. i love to skateboard and i love god. u have inspired me to draw both of them together

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